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Sorry for all the delay and NOW I AM BACK for more event updates........ Newly added DONATE button to colelct fund for sustaining the web

Penang Event: Chen Su Yin Slide Show 2008 by Photowalkers

攝行狂主辦 0112 《攝行.阿智玻秘》﹣曾素音幻燈片分享會

Hi readers,

Do you like photo shooting and wonder how to get a good shot? Or you might interest in photography or you like to travel a lot or anything related to photo shooting and traveling? You should attend this event for sure.

What is the event all about?

Photowalkers had proudly invited Chen Su Yin for the photo sharing on her 29 days back pack journey to Latin alone. She had her photo shooting across 4 country, which is Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Bolivia.

She had done the same sharing last year at KL and now she is heading north to have 4 sessions of photo sharing which include 2 places at Penang as listed below.

2008/01/10︱0800pm︱Alor Setar︱Kedah Chinese Hall (吉打華人大會堂林良實廳)
2008/01/11︱0800pm︱Sungai Petani︱Kedah Lee's Hall(吉中李氏宗祠禮堂)
2008/01/12︱0145pm︱Bukit Mertajam︱Jit Sin (Ind) High School (日新獨立中學視聽室)
2008/01/13︱0300pm︱Penang︱Than Hsiang Temple(檀香寺活動中心)

I believe she must had taken more than thousands of photo during the 29 days trip. But she had selected 100 photos which she thinks the best among what she have and the best to reflect what she wanted to tell.

This is not solely the photo sharing, this event will be a sharing of the travel journey for a girl who travel alone. She will share her experience and difficulty she faced alone.

I always thinking of travelling around alone to enjoy life, don't need to bother about work, weekly report, timeline to meet and traffic jam... But I had never done it before... It will be good to join the photo and travel sharing to know more on how she handles the issue. You will definitely learn something for your next trip.

So, come and join the event.... See you there...

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