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Penang Food: "Leng Si Lai" Nasi Lemak - Teluk Bayan

Dear readers,

Is time for us to introduce Penang Food again, this round is on the nasi lemak. I believe you must be very familiar with the food. It is well known Malaysian local food. It is combination of coconut rice with sambal, fried ikan bilis (anchovies), chicken, prawn, egg and slices of cucumber. It can be served in any sort of combination depend on our own favor.

We can easily get one nasi lemak by the roadside stall. Normally nasi lemak is served in wrapped banana leave from road side stall. It is for take away purpose and not for dine in. For dine in style, it is normally served in plate where you can choose your favourite combination of dishes with coconut rice.

Now is time for me to intro one of the nasi lemak stall in the hawker center, Teluk Bayan Hawker Center. The hawker center is located near the Bukit Jambul round about, right behind Shell Petrol Station as shown in below map. It is the favourite stall for most workers from Bayan Lepas Industrial Park.

Stall and Lady Boss (Leng Si Lai - Pretty Auntie)-hope she won't mind... :P

The recommended nasi lemak stall located right in the middle of the hawker centre. It can be easily spot when you on the way enter from the front. The stall is owned by a lady. What is so special about this stall? Because it owned by a pretty lady?

Of course not. The sambal is the most spicy and flaming hot I had ever taken. Sambal is my favourite dish. On my first visit, I asked the lady to give me more sambal. She said it is very hot and I may not able to take it a lot. It sounds like a challenge for me. Guess what? I told her I can take very spicy food, and insist of getting more sambal.

Burning sambal

I regretted what I had said right after the first dip of the sambal. Believe it or not? You may take a challenge. Just visit the stall and just ask for it. You will regret like me....

Even it is spicy, but it taste so well. I just like it. The rest of the dishes such as ikan bilis, black sauce pork, luncheon meat. vege, curry chicken, potato and more. You can choose any combination you want.

More option to choose

Ikan Bilis

One more thing about the stall, the boss is so polite and friendly. You can get more information of how she can get the sambal in burning hot and PRINT this article out and ask for a discount... She will consider.... No Harm trying... :)

More Photos

Below are the link for nasi lemak recipe in case you wan to try to make it your own. Happy trying......

Recipe from Partner Site - Rasa Malaysia
Recipe from Star Online - Kuali

Map - click for larger map


  1. hello! my friend from Penang tells me the food there is UNBEATABLE. is it true?
    OMG! hahaha. cheers!

  2. penang food is best... maybe the taste is too strong until we cant taste others.... one of my fren, when first time have penang food.. she feel so salty.. .. after few months.. she feel her mums cooking no taste at all and ask for KICAP... haha...

    see once addicted to the Penang Food... thats it.... hihi...

    BTW.. this nasi lemak not bad lo.... but the SI LAI there pretty meh?.... ok lo...

    but i like the nasi lemak.. the rest shud go and try....

    hey, welovepenang author, you get paid commision to promote the stalls?

  3. Thanks for sharing this great eating place. I will pop over soon to try the nasi lemak.