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Sorry for all the delay and NOW I AM BACK for more event updates........ Newly added DONATE button to colelct fund for sustaining the web

Festival: Chinese New Year Food 1 - Koay Kar Pek

Another week before Chinese New Year, it is the most important festival for the most of the Chinese, like me. As usual, we prepare variety of cookies, biscuits, drinks, peanuts, mandarin orange and many more.

As I am from a small town, so most of time we make our biscuits and cookies for the Chinese New Year and I would like to write about the famous CNY "MUST HAVE" biscuits. "KOAY KAR PEK".

As most of you know, it is mixture of egg, flour, and coconut milk paste, bake under the flaming charcoal using special mold. My mum, wife, sisters are expert in this, but not me. Why? No reason and that's the reason why there is no ingredient share in this post.

How to make it? Emm.. I think it is better to let the photo to tell the story.

Steps of making "Koay Kar Pek"
  1. Get the stove and flaming charcoal
  2. Heat up the special mold

  3. Pouring the paste onto the mold to cover the whole surface

  4. Put it back on the stove to get it bake.
  5. Turning around to ensure it is bake evenly for both side
  6. Bake around 3-5 minit and the it is now ready to un-mold it.
  7. Un-mold it.
  8. How? Use hand la.. :) It is very hot to use bare hand and that's the reason I didn't involve in all these. :P

  9. Folding it
  10. It is soft when it is once removed from the mold and will pass to another person to fold it into the desire shape and need to act fast. It will turn to crispy and we no longer able to fold it when it gets cold.

  11. Maintain the folding shape
  12. The folded "Koay Kar Pek" will put under the rest to ensure it maintain the shape.
  13. Keep it in the container
  14. Once the "Koay Kar Pek" is ready, we will keep it in the container to ensure it is as crispy as it is.

And we are done now and to be honest, it is not easy task to complete all. But all of us are happy on the process of making.

We chit-chat, making jokes, and it is like during our kids time. We had been long time didn't have the opportunity to chit chat like this among the family members.

That's the MOST IMPORTANT....


Penang Event: Queensbay Mall Chinese New Year Celebration

Dear readers,

Queensbay Mall had invested huge amount of fund to decorate the shopping mall for the celebration of Chinese New Year. Beside that, they had arranged various performance as celebrating the coming Chinese New Year.

Multiple spring events had taken part in the main hall of the Mall. All the performances are awesome and you can't miss anyone of them. See to believe.

Here is the activities schedule.

See you there..


Penang Event: Gurney Plaza CNY Celebration

Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, lets go and celebrating CNY at Gurney Plaza. Gurney Plaza had organized various activities for this celebration.

There is nothing like celebrating CNY the traditional way with festive tastes, an exciting art and cultural performance from China and great giveaways. Come and enjoy the traditional spirit this CNY @ Gurney Plaza. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Among the activities, Arts & Crafts Workshop and Chinese Oriental Acrobatic & Shaolin Performance are performance that you won't wish to miss. So please remember to come and enjoy the show.

Here are the activities schedule....

See you there and hope you enjoy the show.


Penang Event: Tesco Mall - CNY Celebrations

Dear readers,

As promised in previous post, we are going to post all the celebration event on the shopping mall around Penang. Here you are for the first one, Tesco Mall.

Tesco is offering multiple discount program on the Chinese New Year goods during CNY. So if you happen to go there for shopping, why don't drop by to support to event.

Here is the Tesco Map

This is the CNY Celebration Activites Schedule........

19th Jan 20087.30 pm & 9.30 pmChinese Calligraphy
27th Jan 20087.30 pm & 9.30 pmProsperity God Walkabout
8th Feb 2008

4.00 pmColoring Contest
7.30 pm & 9.30 pmProsperity God Walkabout
9th Feb 20087.30 pm & 9.30 pmChinese Calligraphy Demo
14th Feb 20087.30 pm & 9.30 pmProsperity God Walkabout
16th Feb 2008

12.00 pm - 12.45 pmLion Dance Performance
5.00 pmMatch The Match
29th Feb 20084.00 pmSeason Party

Enjoy Shopping and celebrating Chinese New Year.


Announcement: We have our own domain:

Dear readers,

We had been talking about this since last month about getting a self domain for welovepenang. And now we had done it and we had successfully setting up the domain on our blog.

Here we are Thanks for all your support so far and stay tune for more Penang Event, and Food updates.

There is nothing need to be change on your favourite link, as we had directed all the to our new domain,




Penang Offer: GSC Queensbay Mall 1st Anniversary Celebration Promotion

Dear readers,

GSC is celebrating the 1st Anniversity on Queensbay Mall Cinema and they are giving out promotion as stated below. So go and grab the offer and go for your favourite movie. Thanks.

From Friday, 25th Jan 2008 - Saturday, 26th Jan 2008

Get a FREE Cup Cake with every purchase of 2 GSC QBM tickets for the 1st 3,000 patrons on 25th January 2008.

The 1st 500 patrons will get a GSC Buy 1 FREE 1 voucher with every purchase of 2 GSC QBM tickets on 26th January 2008.

Present 2 GSC ticket stubs at Sushi King and get your special Temaki Roll offer at RM0.10 with every purchase of a set meal throughout the month of January.

While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

Visit website for more details.



Penang Event: Pesta Tahun Baru Cina 2008

Dear readers,

The Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner and we would probably expect more and more CNY related event poping up in these few weeks. Most shopping center have their own activities and schedule which I will post it later.

Here is another Chinese New Year related event: Pesta Tahun Baru Cina 2008. The event is held at USM, Penang. Believe me or not, the performance in this event is going to be awesome. Take a look at the list below on the coming performance on the night.

Pesta Tahun Baru Cina 2008
Date: 31th Jan 2008
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: DTSP, USM

This event is organized by Majlis Perwakillan Pelajar USM and the event is going to officiated by Y.A.B Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon.

Activities of the night:
  • Art of Face Changing 变脸
  • Lion Dance 舞狮
  • Lucky Draw

Art of Face Changing is the show that you are not going to miss. It is one of the SiChuan Opera show. The performer changing the mask of the face is split second and you can't really tell how they change their face so fast.

Recently, more and more performer from China is coming to our country for these performace. You might seen it before, or you may not. So why don't come and join us on the event. See you there.

Related Info:
SiChuan Opera at Wiki
Lion Dace at Wiki


Penang Event: STORM IN A BOX, a mixed media performance

Dear readers,

In this coming weekend, we have one special event for you if you yet to have any plan for the weekend. Ombak Ombak ARTStudio is staging a mixed media performance in Penang this week called "STORM IN A BOX".

We should support our local artist and their hard work, passion on the art. Let's give our great support to them on this coming weekend. I bet you might not want to miss the show.

Date: 25th - 26th Jan 2008
TIme: 8.00pm
Venue: Sea Front, Field opposite St.Xavier's Institute
Admission fee: By donation, RM10

The performance as stated, a mixed media performance; A mixture of dance installation, drama, and music.

Below are the synopsis.

Dance Installation
Ombak Naik, Tuah Menurun
Choreographer: Aida Redza
Music Composer: Tan Sooi Beng
Supported by: Ho Sheau Fung as Video Designer
Leonard S. Gurunathan as Sound Designer.....

Drama - Sonata Tropika
Director: Janet Pillai

This 3 person drama makes a ‘stereotypical’ comment on how addicted television viewers respond to the ‘stereotypical’ plots and images propagated in serial soap operas.....

Music - Letter From The Bird Community
Composer and Musical Director: Tan Sooi Beng
“…to let nature and its myriad beauties bloom in the brilliant sun” – Usman Awang
Beginning with the jovial interplay of bird calls using live vocals, flute, violin and erhu, this original music composition unravels the poetic brilliance of Usman Awang’s ‘Surat dari Masyarakat Burung’....

Please kindly pay a visit to their web to know more about the event as well as about them. Here are their official web URL. Thanks.

About Ombak Ombak
Ombak Ombak ARTStudio is a non-formal collective of multi-ethnic artists and producers who mount contemporary performances, exhibitions and festivals which project Malaysian identity and creativity.

Ombak is committed to nurturing and promoting the arts to the public through arts performances, festivals, exhibitions and training workshops.

For Bookings,
Tel: 012-361 9113 (Yoke Pin)

Ticket Station
1) USM, School of Arts, Yoke Pin, 012-3619113
2) Tanjung Bunga, Spice Garden, Katharine, 012- 4121744
3) George Town, Penang Heritage Trust, Church Street Ms. Ho 012-5145933

Ombak Ombak ARTStudio
E-mail :
Tel : 012- 3619113
Fax : 604- 2628421

Supported by


Penang Event: Chinese New Year Open House 2008

Chinese New Year is around the corner and more and more CNY related event is poping up here and there. So it is time for us to get you more info on the open house, charity performance and more more.

This will be the first one we would like to bring it to you. Excel Point Community Church is organized the Chinese New Year Open House 2008, Ang Pow Nite at the next weekend at Perkaka as stated on the details below.

Chinese New Year Open House 2008
Date: 27th Jan 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Pekaka Square Lobby
Add: Lebuh Pekaka 1, Sungai Dua, Penang

Buffet Dinner
Tradisional & Cultural dances
Children Cultural Costue Contest.

For more information, please kindly contact:
Tel: 04-6583489

If I were you, I won't miss out this chance to watch the Chinese tradisional and cultural dance. So, if you have some time, please come and support this event.

See you there........

This event are jointly supported by Pusat Khidmat YB Dato' Wong Kam Hong and Pusat Perkidmatan YB Goh Kheng Sneah.


Penang Food: Lemongrass Restaurant - Thai & Home Cooked Food

It was just another day for lunch that we were always undecided of where and what to eat. So when a colleague proposed to go for Hakka Mee at Sg Nibong, we immediately said, “Let’s go” (talking about fast decision making :p).

Our joy was short-lived when we saw the queue there… boleh pengsan leh….So we walked around looking for alternatives and by chance happened to pop into this restaurant… Restoran Lemongrass.

There was a white board outside stated set lunch promotion that “looks” affordable and instead of waiting for the Hakka Mee, with our stomachs already playing hard rock tunes…Try lor!

There were two set lunch promotions available:
Set Lunch A: RM39 for 2-3 persons
Set Lunch B: RM78 for 5-6 persons.

Even though there were 6 of us, there were still some leftovers by the time we finished… are we small eaters (3 guys + 3 girls) or the portions were generous? I guess it’s the latter :P ……

tak thim trop

For Set B, there are 5 dishes + 1 dessert but you can choose how you want the dishes to be prepared. We had Kerabu Mango, Crispy Fried Kangkung, Fried Fish Fillet in 3 sauces, Chicken in Thai Paste, Seafood tomyam and the Thai dessert of tak thim trop (is this the right name?).

On most dishes, they used lots of Cili Padi (small green chilies) which were nicely camouflaged that if you’re not observant enough, the cili padi could end up inside your mouth… hehehe …we had that experience on especially the Crispy Fried Kangkung, since the dish was all green. As for the Kerabu Mango, it was just nice, not really sour.

The fish fillet tasted just like other regular “sah bee” but Chicken in Thai Paste tasted good, with some resemblance of Thai Green Curry taste and the chicken was tenderly cooked and easily chewable.

The portion for Seafood tomyam was also okay and the bowl looked as if it was filled up with lots of ingredients. The soup itself was reddish (rem the real Tomyam soup is clear one?) but quite spicy and sour, at least we did agree the soup tasted good.

Overall, RM78 for 6 persons (RM13 per pax + RM0.30 for water) is quite reasonable and does not burn hole to your pocket. It is in air-conditioned environment too so you don’t need to worry about sweating after having tomyam soup, like me :P.

One thing to watch out is we did notice a 10% service charge for the set lunch (it’s on the menu) but we were charged at nett rate instead. So it is advisable for you to check with the waiter/ owner upfront before ordering.

Btw, I was told that this restaurant was previously known as Namprik

Lemongrass Restaurant
76, Jalan Aziz Ibrahlim,
Sungai Nibong
11900 Penanfg, Malaysia
Tel: 04-641 5988


Written by PGTuaPui


Penang Event: Our Glorious Remembrance by Wind Orchestra

HI Readers,

This coming weekend, Penang Chung Ling High School Wind Orchestra proudly present to you all "Our Glorious Remembrance" at Dewan Sri Pinang. The conductor of the event is Mr. Woon Wen Kin.

Our Glorious Remembrance by Wind Orchestra
Date: 19th Jan 2008
Time: 8.15pm
Venue: Dewan Sri Pinang

So if you are going to have a very bored weekend and no appointment on that day, why don't give them a call and get a ticket and enjoy your night there. Hope you will enjoy the show.

For more information, please kindly contact
1. Mr Woon Wen Kin - 012-473 8833
2. Teoh Shun Mu - 016-468 6751
3. Tan Tse Meng - 012-479 1324

Ticket Outlet:
Tel: 04-828 2435

Woon Violin Collections
44, Jalan Chow Thye
Tel: 04-227 7726

Cheng Lee & Co.
Jalan Macalister
Tel: 04-227 2168

Evolution Music House
170-16/19, 3rd Floor, Plaza Gurney
Tel: 04-228 6519

Yahama Music World
2F-72 Queensbay Mall
Tel: 04-642 3100


Penang Event: PC Recycle Programme

Hi Readers,

If you are like me, loving Penang, as deep as I do, or may be more or less, we need to do something to protect this lovely island. So now is time for you to recycle all your unwanted, spoilt, no longer functional computer.

In this coming weekend as info below, Dell is partnered with Penang Municipal Council, MPPP, and Sunshine Hypermarket organizing the recycling projects called PPP (Public, Private Partnership Programme). Under this event, you and me, everyone can dispose your old, spoilt or any unwanted personal computers, laptops, motherboards or anything related to computer at Sunshine Farlim Supermarket.

PC Recycle Programme
Date: 20th Jan 2008
Time: 8.00am - 10.00am
Venue: Sunshine Supermarket, Farlim.

So you might wonder why you need to carry so far to dispose the unwanted PCs? Right?

I am sure the organizer had thought about this. As a results of that, they are giving vouchers in exchange of your rubbish.. Sound more interesting? Got voucher!! For every 3kg of your unwanted items you bring to the event's venue, you are entitle to get one lucky draw voucher.

They accept any brand of old or unwanted PCs, is any brand, or brandless... Just bring it to Farlim and you get a chance to win the 1st price, a brand new desktop from DELL cost ~RM2000, 2nd and 3rd price, DELL printer; and 4th - 8th 1GB thumb drive.

“We want to provide an avenue for customers to dispose of their unwanted PCs responsibly, at convenient collection centres and at zero cost,” said Yong Kim Yoong, senior director of engineering with Dell Asia Pacific based in Penang.

But for me, this is not solely to get a chance to win the lucky draw, but there are more important reason behind. It is for the good for our home land as mention below:

More importantly, PC recycling is important to minimise e-waste in landfills and prevent water and air pollution. If landfills are not managed properly, harmful material can overflow into rivers, polluting our source of water,” explained Yong, who heads the company’s computer recycling programme. Lead (in cathode ray tubes or CRTs), cadmium (a heavy metal common in notebook batteries) and mercury (found in notebook lamps) are potentially hazardous if not properly disposed of.

So, don't sit there and wait. Go and look if there is any spoilt item or unwanted PC related item, collect it now in a box. Lets work this together to make our lovely planet, especially Penang a BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.

Don't sit there and wonder. Action now, don't wait until Saturday. And it is time to so some clean up for coming Chinese New Year.

Please... Thanks......

Further more, there will be coloring contest open for children age 7 to 12. No application fee. The organizer is giving out grand price for the winners. The contest is from 8.30am to 9.30am.

1st Price: RM150 hamper and trophy
2nd Price: RM100 hamper and trophy
3rd Price: RM 80 hamper and trophy
10 Consolation Price: RM30 hamper

Bring you sons or daughter there to join the meaningful event. See you there...


Penang Event: Chen Su Yin Slide Show 2008 by Photowalkers

攝行狂主辦 0112 《攝行.阿智玻秘》﹣曾素音幻燈片分享會

Hi readers,

Do you like photo shooting and wonder how to get a good shot? Or you might interest in photography or you like to travel a lot or anything related to photo shooting and traveling? You should attend this event for sure.

What is the event all about?

Photowalkers had proudly invited Chen Su Yin for the photo sharing on her 29 days back pack journey to Latin alone. She had her photo shooting across 4 country, which is Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Bolivia.

She had done the same sharing last year at KL and now she is heading north to have 4 sessions of photo sharing which include 2 places at Penang as listed below.

2008/01/10︱0800pm︱Alor Setar︱Kedah Chinese Hall (吉打華人大會堂林良實廳)
2008/01/11︱0800pm︱Sungai Petani︱Kedah Lee's Hall(吉中李氏宗祠禮堂)
2008/01/12︱0145pm︱Bukit Mertajam︱Jit Sin (Ind) High School (日新獨立中學視聽室)
2008/01/13︱0300pm︱Penang︱Than Hsiang Temple(檀香寺活動中心)

I believe she must had taken more than thousands of photo during the 29 days trip. But she had selected 100 photos which she thinks the best among what she have and the best to reflect what she wanted to tell.

This is not solely the photo sharing, this event will be a sharing of the travel journey for a girl who travel alone. She will share her experience and difficulty she faced alone.

I always thinking of travelling around alone to enjoy life, don't need to bother about work, weekly report, timeline to meet and traffic jam... But I had never done it before... It will be good to join the photo and travel sharing to know more on how she handles the issue. You will definitely learn something for your next trip.

So, come and join the event.... See you there...

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Penang Event: Wi-Fi (Wireless Broadband) Online Treasure Hunt 2008

Hi readers,

If you had read the newspaper today or may be not, there is an interesting event that going to be held in Penang. The event is held for the first time in Penang and the whole nation. Kementerian Tenaga, Air dan Komunikasi (KTAK) is organizing the Wireless Broadband Online Treasure Hunt 2008 at Penang.

Date: 20th January 2008
Time: 9.00am
Venue: Esplanade Penang

This is not going to be ordinary treasure hunt, contestants need to get online and answer the question online in order to get the clue for next location. There are total of 7 stages awaiting for the contestants.

The organizer is looking forward of getting 100 teams to join this event. A group of 2-4 person including driver is needed to be a team. Enroll fee for each team is RM200. The winner will get a Brand new laptop. (What brand? Sorry.. I dun know :P)...

WeLovePenang team is under discussion if we will able to make it for the treasure hunt. So, please come and join us in this event and have fun and enjoy trip around Penang.

Don't wait until too late. The closing date for application submission is on 16th Jan 2008 5.00pm. So don't miss this opportunity. See you there.

For more information please contact:
Tel: 03- 4108 3166 or

Note: The online stil didn't have any information as what is claimed by organizer a place to look for more information. Call is a better option.