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Sorry for all the delay and NOW I AM BACK for more event updates........ Newly added DONATE button to colelct fund for sustaining the web

Penang Event: STORM IN A BOX, a mixed media performance

Dear readers,

In this coming weekend, we have one special event for you if you yet to have any plan for the weekend. Ombak Ombak ARTStudio is staging a mixed media performance in Penang this week called "STORM IN A BOX".

We should support our local artist and their hard work, passion on the art. Let's give our great support to them on this coming weekend. I bet you might not want to miss the show.

Date: 25th - 26th Jan 2008
TIme: 8.00pm
Venue: Sea Front, Field opposite St.Xavier's Institute
Admission fee: By donation, RM10

The performance as stated, a mixed media performance; A mixture of dance installation, drama, and music.

Below are the synopsis.

Dance Installation
Ombak Naik, Tuah Menurun
Choreographer: Aida Redza
Music Composer: Tan Sooi Beng
Supported by: Ho Sheau Fung as Video Designer
Leonard S. Gurunathan as Sound Designer.....

Drama - Sonata Tropika
Director: Janet Pillai

This 3 person drama makes a ‘stereotypical’ comment on how addicted television viewers respond to the ‘stereotypical’ plots and images propagated in serial soap operas.....

Music - Letter From The Bird Community
Composer and Musical Director: Tan Sooi Beng
“…to let nature and its myriad beauties bloom in the brilliant sun” – Usman Awang
Beginning with the jovial interplay of bird calls using live vocals, flute, violin and erhu, this original music composition unravels the poetic brilliance of Usman Awang’s ‘Surat dari Masyarakat Burung’....

Please kindly pay a visit to their web to know more about the event as well as about them. Here are their official web URL. Thanks.

About Ombak Ombak
Ombak Ombak ARTStudio is a non-formal collective of multi-ethnic artists and producers who mount contemporary performances, exhibitions and festivals which project Malaysian identity and creativity.

Ombak is committed to nurturing and promoting the arts to the public through arts performances, festivals, exhibitions and training workshops.

For Bookings,
Tel: 012-361 9113 (Yoke Pin)

Ticket Station
1) USM, School of Arts, Yoke Pin, 012-3619113
2) Tanjung Bunga, Spice Garden, Katharine, 012- 4121744
3) George Town, Penang Heritage Trust, Church Street Ms. Ho 012-5145933

Ombak Ombak ARTStudio
E-mail :
Tel : 012- 3619113
Fax : 604- 2628421

Supported by

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