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Sorry for all the delay and NOW I AM BACK for more event updates........ Newly added DONATE button to colelct fund for sustaining the web

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2008Dear readers,

Today is the last day for 2007 and we are happy to wish all our readers HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 and may all your wishes and dreams come true in the coming year.

Thanks for all your support so far from beginning of this web blog until today. Without you all, we would not have made it this far.

We are here to thank you all your support on us so far and those of you all who had helped us to serve you better each day.

This is the plan that we plan to accomplish in coming Year 2008.
  1. Get our own domain as
  2. Bring in more latest up-to-date event
  3. Add new category for travelling tips
  4. Setup new layout for Year 2008
  5. Setup forum for welovepenang readers
We would like to hear more from you about the plan and would like to get more comments and advices in order for us to make it better for everyone.

Last and not least, we would like to apologize on all the mistakes we had done on year, please help to forgive us and we will make it a better web for all of you.

Thanks. Happy New Year 2008


Event Of the Week: WW52

Health and Beauty Fair 2007 Banner
Health and Beauty Fair 2007
Date: 29th Dec 07 - 30th Dec 07
Time: 11.00am - 9.00pm
Venue: PISA, Relau

Little Penang Street Market
Date: Sunday, 30 December 2007
Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm
Venue: Upper Penang Road

Auto-City Countdown Fiesta 2008
Date: 31st December 2007
Time: 7.00pm - 12.00am
Venue: Juru Auto City
Admission: FREE

PENANG 2008 Countdown Concert 2008
Date: 31st December 2007
Time: 7.00pm - 12.00am
Venue: Esplanade, Penang
Admission: FREE


Penang Event: Little Penang Street Market

This coming Sunday, it is Little Penang Street Market time again. we had been intro about this event before. But now there is another in this coming Sunday on 30th Dec and will be the last one for year 2007.

You might have paid a visit there before and wonder if wanted to go again. Tell you what, there are tones of reason for you to keep on visiting this market. This round there are going to have clog painting competition, Chinese puppet show, Rozz and his band, and many more other activities. Please refer to the programme schedule futher below.

Penang Event: Little Penang Street Market
Date: Sunday, 30 December 2007
Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm
Venue: Upper Penang Road

Some info from their web:

The December Little Penang Street Market in collaboration with the Penang Heritage Trust will celebrate persons who have, in the highest degree, the skills and techniques necessary for the production of certain aspects of Penang culture, the life of our people and the continued existence of our cultural heritage.

Some of the award recipients who will be displaying their craft at the market are:• Mr. Koh Ah Wah, Traditional Signboard Engraver:• Mr. Lee Khek Hock, Traditional Lantern Maker• Mr Yeap Seong Kee, Kebaya Designer• Dato' Lim Bian Yam, Chef and Master Florist (Floral Society)• Dato' Chuah Thean Teng, Batik Painting (Yahong Gallery)• Ooi Sew Kim, Performer and Owner of Beng Geok Hong Hokkien Puppet Troupe

There is one show that you MUST not miss, the glove puppet performance. You hardly get to see the show nowadays and become less and less. So... Before you need to visit Museum to see the show, why dun join us in this event. You won't regret with this.

Clog painting competition would be an exciting event which is open to participants Age 10-20 years. There will be 2 sessions, one at 11.00am and another one at 2.00pm.

For more information, please kindly visit their web side below. Thanks.

Programme for sunday:

11.30 Himanshu Bhatt telling us "The Mystical Story of Penang's Waterfall"
12.00 Puppet Show extraordinaire
12.30 Rozz and friends: Classy jazz from a classy singer and band
1.00 The Marshalls: fun with and for all ages
1.30 Clog Painting
2.30 Freeloaders - fresh out of KL, busking group
3.00 Puppet Show extraordinaire
3.30 Randall rap - our very own Penang rapping
4.00 Ray and Ashwin - very talented young duo
4.30 Tanjung Jammers - informal jazzy blues (to be confirmed)


Penang Event: Auto-City Countdown Fiesta 2008

Dear Readers...

It is time for New Year celebration. 2007 is approaching her's end and 2008 is awaiting for us in coming weeks. New Year celebration is a very important event of the year as it is the reflect the end of one and begin of another.

This is an annual event which held every year by Auto-City. Is there any special event this year? This year Hotlink as main sponsor brings us a superstar fiesta with free admission.

Date: 31st December 2007
Time: 7.00pm - 12.00am
Venue: Juru Auto City
Admission: FREE

This year, more singers and superstars are joining this event to provide us the best performance ever in year 2007... Here you are.....

What are you waiting for? What will stop you from coming? THERE IS NOTHING CAN STOP U....

It is going to be very exciting event, so come and join us for the celebration....
Any firework? Emm....... Let's see.....


Penang Event: Health and Beauty Fair 2007

Another event for Penang's folks especially for ladies. This round is on health and beauty. The Health and Beauty Fair will be held in PISA, Relau from 29 Dec - 30 Dec. There are total of 120 booth will be setup during the event where participants from multiple country such as Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, China and others.

Date: 29th Dec 07 - 30th Dec 07
Time: 11.00am - 9.00pm
Venue: PISA, Relau

It is jointly organized by Pen-events Sdn. Bhd. and SegiReka Integrated Sdn. Bhd. And this event will be made as an anual event.

For more information,
call 012-422 5328 or 012-573 8287
or visit website

Photo during press released.

There will be MATA fair held in conjunction with the Health Fair.... Please don't mis-understood like me ok? It is MATA FAIR not MATTA FAIR. OK?


Sharing: Penang Chingay Competition 2007

The Overall Competition is completed, even though it is ended with some argument and objection on the results.

So the committee had decided to put a stop on the competition. If you had missed this year, you may not need to wait for another 365 days.... As they decided not to organize any competition next year.

The 39th Competition will be the last one, there won't be any 40th. They are going to organize it as demonstration instead.

If you had missed the event, here are some links you can watch the photo and video.

I am sorry to inform you that, I had yet to get the permission from the owner for me to post here. So I will add the link instead until I get the approval. Thanks.





Festival: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

We would like to wish all our readers Merry Christmas and thanks for all your support to this blog site. We appreciate all you comments and support so far.

You make us proud of what we did.. Thanks and may you enjoy your Christmas Holiday...

MERRY CHRISTMAS.... Ho Ho Ho......

Merry Christmas

Stay tune for more event, food and useful sharing...... Thanks



Chinese Festival: Winter Solstice Festival 冬至

We had been celebrating 'Dong Zhi' (冬至) for years and to be frank, I don't what we call this festival in English until today, Winter Solstice Festival. This festival normally falls towards the end of the year (between Dec 21 - 23), and this year, the Winter Solstice Festival falls on 22 Dec 2007

This is known to be the most important festival for Chinese before Chinese New Years in. How we celebrate the festival since it is so important? Today is the day where most of the family members will gather together to have a short gathering to celebrate the good year they had spend.

Of course we can't forget about 'Tang Yuan'. This is a must have dessert among all the Chinese family. I wonder if the rest of the family having the same way like I do. We need to have same quantity of 'Tang Yuan' as our age. Like I am 29 years old and next year will be 30. So I need to have 30 'Tang Yuan'... :P

Here are some explanation I am to obtain from Malaysia Page Blog about the Tang Yuan.

Tang Yuan, ( 汤圆 in mandarin ), also called glutinous rice balls or also commonly known as ‘kuih ee, is one of the Chinese delicacy, which is made by mixing glutinous rice flour with a small amount of water and form into round balls and is then cooked in boiling water and normally served in syrup water. It is very common among the Chinese community in Malaysia during festival season, especially on the Dong Zhi a.k.a Winter Solstice Festival.

There are several methods of preparing Tang Yuan. Tang Yuan can be unfilled or filled; fillings could include red bean paste, chopped peanuts and sugar, sesame paste, rock sugar, etc. Normally people will serve their Tang Yuan with hot ginger syrup, pandan-flavoured syrup or soya bean milk. Those with more time will make the tang yuan themselves, but now, the glutinous rice balls are also sold in supermarkets...quoted from the Malaysia Page Blog

I never thought they would be any story behind this festival until I read the below blog. Wonder if it is true, but this is a interesting sharing though.

There’s a story behind the tradition of eating Tang Yuan among the Chinese. According to history, legend claims that in Ancient China, a poor family caught a fish to celebrate Dong Zhi but in her haste to eat it, a fish bone was stuck at the mother’s throat causing her discomfort. A beggar approached them for food and the daughter gave the fish as that was the only food they had. Seeing the mother’s discomfort, the beggar gave her lumps of dough which she swallowed and got rid of the fish bone. After hearing this, the villagers believe that eating Tang Yuan will help ward off bad luck and that tradition has persisted till modern day....quoted from the Malaysia Page Blog

We hope most of us can hold this tradition and pass it through next generation as this is a very meaningful festival.

To them, Tang Yuan is a symbolic of family reunion, the roundness of the Tang Yuan signifying a complete circle of harmony, unity and prosperity within the family. Nonetheless, it is indeed the thoughts of being together with the family members in celebration of festival season that really matters...quoted from the Malaysia Page Blog

Note: Specially thanks to kokahkok for granted permission of photo usage on all the above photo.


Useful Sharing: Hotel Reservations

Dear readers,

It is time for the useful sharing again. I like to travel a lot, how about you? But I found it difficult for me to follow the tour. Why? It is because they can't stop at my favourite location as long as I wish. So I prefer free and easy style and I can plan according to my favor.

Accommodation is the most critical part on the travel planning. But the helped me a lot in solving the issues during my honeymoon trip to US. They offer flight, car rental and hotel reservations in one. Hotel Reservations helped me to solve all at one time. It is very convenient. If you plan to have your own trip, this site will definitely help you. Visit the site to understand more. You will like it.

If you plan to pay a visit to Penang, they offer you variety choice of hotels. You will find one that suit you the most. You will get a better room rate and safe up to 70% off. So, what are you waiting for? Start to plan for it and enjoy your trip.

This Post Brought to you by Hotel Reservation


Event of the Week - WW51

Voice of Heart - Charity Concert
Date: 24th December 2007
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Dewan Sri Pinang

Chingay Competition 2007
Date: 23th December 2007
Time: n/a
Venue: City Hall, Penang

Chingay Parade 2007
Date: 25th December 2007
Time: n/a
Venue: From City Hall to Padang Brown, Penang

Penang First Christmas Concert
Date: 21-23 Dec 2007
Venue: Dewan Sri Pinang
Organizer: Penang First Assembly of God

35th Penang PESTA International Bowling Championship
Date: 22-28 Dec 2007
Venue: Mega Lanes, Seberang Perai
Organizer: Persatuan Tenpin Bowling Penang


Restaurant: Thai Food - Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is one of the restaurant situated at Sungai Ara. This is one of our favourite Thai Cuisine restaurant as it located near to our working place, Bayan Lepas.

This restaurant is favourite place for most of the workers for welcoming lunch, or farewell lunch. What make this restaurant so special? The main reason is they didn't serve pork in the restaurant and it is good gathering place for all races.

They serve good Thai cuisine, Meng Kam, Otak-otak, Prawn Fried in Special Thai Sauce, Fried Kangkung and Pucha are some of our favourite dishes.

Meng Kam is one of the of the famous stater. It serve with these little bowls of chilies, garlic, onions, nuts, etc. How to have it? First you get one leaf and fold it in cone shape, then all you need to do is to mix them altogether (depends on your favors) into it and apply some special paste on top of that.

After you done with the paste, fold it properly and put the whole piece into the mouth... That simple... and special... You will have multiple type of taste fighting each other in the mouth; sour, sweet, bitter, spicy.. all in one. Amazing experience as the stater.

Their Pucha (stuff crab shell) and Fried Kangkung that you shouldn't miss if you pay a visit here. They filled the meat paste into the empty crab shell and fried it. It serves with hot and sour sauce.

Tom Yam Seafood and Green Curry

Pineapple Fried Rice

Pandan Chicken

Thai Restaurant Cherry Blossom
18 Chankat Sungai Ara 6,
11900 Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-644 8867

Business Hour
12.00 noon - 3.00pm
6.00pm - 10.00pm
Closed on Tuesday

Map as Below

Interior View


Useful Sharing: Cash Advance - Trust Source

With increasing cost of living and inflation rates going upwards, the buying power of our income has decreased steadily. The ability to purchase things becomes less and it is easy to experience short of cash every now and then, especially when you are in need to pay some bills or buy some items you require but there isn’t enough cash on hand …worse your credit card is already used to the maximum.

All is not lost; there is still hope to solve your financial woes. At Cash Advance and Payday Loan, you will get the opportunity to have financial lifeline for you to get what you need. Cash Advance Payday Loans provide extra money assistance to your required needs. The site has 5 main providers that you can choose, depending on your needs. The site provides you an interactive session with the agent; the moment you click on the website, a separate chat box appeared that allows you to talk to one of agents to discuss your needs. To me, this is an effective way for customer service that I can clarify everything regarding the loan with the agent immediately. Additional Earnings, Women’s Pay Day and Maximum Wages three sites will provide you extra cash up to $1,500. Silent Cash Loan Cash Advance and Urgent Cash Relief Pay Day Advance will provide financial assistance up to $500.

The good thing about this service is there is no credit check on your background and you do not need to provide collateral or neither are references. You can easily qualify and get cash quickly once application has been approved.

*This is a Sponsored Review


Penang Event: "Voice of Hope" Charity Concert

Dear readers,

Penang Adventist Hospital is organizing a charity concert, "Voice of Hope" to benifit needy patients through the Dr J. Earl Gardener Fund. The concert is featuring handel's most popular oratorio, Messiah and other Christmas Carols with Penang Symphony Orchestra and Mass Choir of 100 singers from all over Malaysia.

Date: 24th December 2007
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Dewan Sri Pinang

Come and join us for this meaningful events. See you there.

Ticket Prices:
RM30, RM50, and RM80

Ticket outlets:
Penang Adventist Hospital, Jalan Burmah
Excel Point Community Churh, Sg Dua
Yamaha Music School, Prima Tanjung
Yamaha Music School, Batu Lancang
Yamaha Music School, Bagan Jamal

For more information, please contact,
04-2227606/3 or

Here is the clip of preview about the show... Hope you all will like it.


Useful Sharing: Free Phone Chat

Wonder if you had been alone oversea for variety of reasons, further studies, working, business trip, or etc. How would your life be when you are alone? Will you feel lonely and wanted someone to talk to and someone to hear you? Will you?

I definitely will, and free phone chat is the one will help. It offers free chat with numbers of chat lines available. What you need to do is just pick up the phone and dial the teen chat number and start to chat. Happy chatting.
*This is a Sponsored Review


Penang Event: Chingay Competition 2007

Dear readers,

You might had wonder what is 'Chingay'? I manage to look for some information about the sport online and here you are. It is a performance of giant flag balancing.

In Chinese dialect Hokkien "Chin Yi" or "Chin Gay" which means real art or true art.

This real art or true art is skillfully displayed by using the flag pole (Bamboo pole) and the flag pole ranges from 25 ft to 32 ft, the length of the flag is around 25ft, made from silk and the total weight of these materials is around 60 pounds.

The Chingay Procession were started about 100 years ago with 1st parade in 1919 in "Penang"....

The "Chingay" is a spectacular procession. The Bamboo pole carried perpendicularly by a steward bearer or performers with half-a-dozen others taking turn. The steward bearer/performers will normally balance huge poles with enormous triangular flags, on their forehands,chin,lower jaws and shoulders.

.........quoted from squidoo sports.

This competition is organized by Penang State Chingay Council prior to the annual parade that taken place 2 days later. This competition is held at City Hall, Penang as an annual event at Penang.

Date: 23th December 2007
Time: n/a
Venue: City Hall, Penang

For more information please contact En Bong Kui Chin (012-4319799)

The competition is to to select the six best teams to represent Malaysia at various events worldwide. Participants will try their best to show their skills to the judges in order to win the competition. They will try to show different and complicated stunt on balancing the giant flag during the competition. Those action might not be seen during the parade. It is going to be an exciting event.

Can you imagine how the participants can hold 60 pounds of flag using their jaws? Passing the flag around using their shoulder and fore head? Can you imagine that?

This is an annual event, which mean if you miss it, you need to wait until next year. 365 days to wait for it. So if you never seen that before or wanted to experience how exciting the event is, come and join us for the event.

See you there..... and please do ensure bring your camera with battery fully charge. You're going to love it......

Some photo and video clip to show you if you had never seen the show below or can't imagine how the participants handle and perform with the giant flag. Take a look.


Useful Sharing: Bedding

Dear readers,

Had you ever stuck in the department store hunting for your bedding equipment? Especially who bought it for their wedding. I had recently got married and I feel it badly of how difficult to get the suitable bedding.

We went to one after another department store to get what we want. It is very troublesome. I believe some of you might have same experience like me, right?

What I am gong to share with you is, that I wish I found out earlier. Vision Bedding had variety choice of bedding with different themes such as Heart Bedding, Soccer Bedding, Motocross Bedding, Artistic Bedding and much more. I personally like the Motocross Bedding the most. You will find the one that suit you the most.

If you can't find any, VisionBedding offers you Custom Bedding where you can have your own unique design of bedding. You design it for your own. It is great, right?

Here are some samples from the web.


Photo Contest

I believe there are lots of you who love photo shooting and some of you might be expert in photography. I love it too. I had learn a lot on the food shooting with some of my GURU, that's how much I had improved.

Now it is the time for us to check on our strength. There is a photo contest held recently as stated below and I would encourage my reader, that's you to participate on it. Hope you can learn something out from the contest. Happy participating!!

Some words from the organizer:

Drawing upon the experiences of the "ACCU Photo Contest in Asia and the Pacific" which lasted from 1976 to 2002, the present contest titled "ACCU Asia-Pacific ESD Photo Message Contest-Letters to Tomorrow 2007" is planned to contribute to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD: 2005-2014).

The theme of this year's contest is "Celebration of Our Living Culture".

We invite a photograph of people who transmit living culture, together with a text in your own words.

Entries close on 15 Feb 2008.

For more details, please visit the following Web site:

Entry form here.


Useful Sharing: PayPerPost - Solve my fund Constraint

Dear readers,

As most of you might had read about the announcement where most of the volunteers had quit this program. I had been wondered if I should continue what I had done so far.

I am lost. Why I started this on the first place? What is our mission? After reading back the about welovepenang, it helps me to find my way back to our mission. Even though most of the pioneers no longer with me, I would keep on doing this for all of you.

But I am facing constraint on resources to update this blog with latest information. In order to solve all this, I need to look for more volunteers. But it doesn't seem to be working after several attempt of trying.

After having a short discussion with my friend, he suggested to reward person who provide the latest information about event and food with some incentive. It may help to obtain more information to share with all of you. Even though I prefer more on voluntary, but at least it would help for current situation while waiting for volunteers.

But the current operation strategy is more to non-profit voluntary system, which mean I don't have any fund allocated for this.

Another friend of mine, Dragon suggested looking for PayPerPost, getting paid to blog. He gave me brief explanation and some real life sharing; I decided to go for it to understand more on how it works and how it could help me to solve my fund constraint.

PayPerPost is providing a platform to connect between advertiser and blogger. Advertiser will provide opportunity for blogger to write a review about their products, web site or service while blogger get paid for writing it. Advertiser is looking for blog advertising while blogger is looking for making money by blogging. Sounds fair, right?

Furthermore, you can choose the topic that related to your site to share with your readers. It will help to increase the content with relevant review that matching your blogs content.

PayPerPost sounds perfectly matched my needs. I can bring more information and content to my reader and getting paid to it. I love it. I can continue with my mission without worrying about the fund to sustain this blog.

If you facing same situation like me, I will recommend you to go for the PayPerPost. It helps.

If you want to blog for money, what are you waiting for, click on the bar below and start your journey of making money now. Thanks.