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Penang Event: Chingay Competition 2007

Dear readers,

You might had wonder what is 'Chingay'? I manage to look for some information about the sport online and here you are. It is a performance of giant flag balancing.

In Chinese dialect Hokkien "Chin Yi" or "Chin Gay" which means real art or true art.

This real art or true art is skillfully displayed by using the flag pole (Bamboo pole) and the flag pole ranges from 25 ft to 32 ft, the length of the flag is around 25ft, made from silk and the total weight of these materials is around 60 pounds.

The Chingay Procession were started about 100 years ago with 1st parade in 1919 in "Penang"....

The "Chingay" is a spectacular procession. The Bamboo pole carried perpendicularly by a steward bearer or performers with half-a-dozen others taking turn. The steward bearer/performers will normally balance huge poles with enormous triangular flags, on their forehands,chin,lower jaws and shoulders.

.........quoted from squidoo sports.

This competition is organized by Penang State Chingay Council prior to the annual parade that taken place 2 days later. This competition is held at City Hall, Penang as an annual event at Penang.

Date: 23th December 2007
Time: n/a
Venue: City Hall, Penang

For more information please contact En Bong Kui Chin (012-4319799)

The competition is to to select the six best teams to represent Malaysia at various events worldwide. Participants will try their best to show their skills to the judges in order to win the competition. They will try to show different and complicated stunt on balancing the giant flag during the competition. Those action might not be seen during the parade. It is going to be an exciting event.

Can you imagine how the participants can hold 60 pounds of flag using their jaws? Passing the flag around using their shoulder and fore head? Can you imagine that?

This is an annual event, which mean if you miss it, you need to wait until next year. 365 days to wait for it. So if you never seen that before or wanted to experience how exciting the event is, come and join us for the event.

See you there..... and please do ensure bring your camera with battery fully charge. You're going to love it......

Some photo and video clip to show you if you had never seen the show below or can't imagine how the participants handle and perform with the giant flag. Take a look.

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