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Penang Food: Claypot Chicken Rice and Curry Fish Head - Lekker Claypot House

Lekker Claypot Chicken Rice. I’m more than happy to write things about this because it’s closer to home, something I’ve enjoyed so much over the years. I can’t remember when they started business but I think I have been there since 8-9 years ago. Don’t be fooled, this shop is not just famous for its claypot chicken rice but also fish head curry. Of course, they do have other dish offerings like soup and vegetables.

Where is it? If you can still remember, it is behind the old Berkat Supermarket at Chai Leng Park (there used to be a big round about there). But of course, the old Berkat Supermarket is no longer there and PLB Engineering is occupying the building instead.

If you’re coming from Penang Bridge, you will take the exit leading to Megamall Pinang and need to back your way back to Chai Leng Park. At the junction where you see Fajar Supermarket, make a left turn and immediately another left turn again at the 2nd junction. Go straight all the way till you reach a curved road and Lekker Claypot is just at the corner.

Refer Map below for more details. (click to get larger map)

Now that we have arrived, it’s time to savour the yummy food. I have personally been there numerous times and I still look forward to going back again.

Claypot Chicken Rice

The claypot chicken rice is typically chicken cooked in soya sauce upfront and then mix with the rice whenever customers order them. It is then heated on the claypot until the rice is cooked and the cook will put some ingredients like Chinese sausage (lap Cheong), salted fish and eggs on top of rice (each person will get one egg). When the claypot rice is served to you, you can smell the aroma of freshly cooked rice yet also smell overcooked (chau hue tah). Some people actually enjoy eating the crust which tasted like burnt rice.

Claypot Curry Fish

Another item not to miss is the fish head curry and of course, if you don’t like fish head you can order fish meat itself. The main attraction is the curry gravy, once you’ve tasted it, it will leave you feeling heavenly J (ok, I may be exaggerating but trust me it’s nice).

The curry gravy is thick and full of ingredients. Inside, you can find fish (obviously), lady’s fingers, big onions, brinjals etc. The portion is also quite generous, for those of you who like to take rice, I’m sure you will help yourself with 2nd or perhaps 3rd, 4th servings of rice.

Even if you’ve finished the claypot rice, you can still order regular white rice just to taste the curry gravy. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll definitely love it. The one thing I like about these claypot and fish head curry are the taste are bit stronger (kao lioa) and not chia chia (read: tasteless).

Also, apart from these two main dishes, you can also order side dishes like vegetables, bean sprouts or even soup (though I can’t remember if they still serve the soup). The shop is open from lunch till dinner and if you happen to have dinner there, there is also another stall in the shop which sell Bak Kut Teh. So want to have some claypot chicken rice with me there?

The Cook


Exterior View

Interior View

Click to see bigger picture

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