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Penang Food: Lemongrass Restaurant - Thai & Home Cooked Food

It was just another day for lunch that we were always undecided of where and what to eat. So when a colleague proposed to go for Hakka Mee at Sg Nibong, we immediately said, “Let’s go” (talking about fast decision making :p).

Our joy was short-lived when we saw the queue there… boleh pengsan leh….So we walked around looking for alternatives and by chance happened to pop into this restaurant… Restoran Lemongrass.

There was a white board outside stated set lunch promotion that “looks” affordable and instead of waiting for the Hakka Mee, with our stomachs already playing hard rock tunes…Try lor!

There were two set lunch promotions available:
Set Lunch A: RM39 for 2-3 persons
Set Lunch B: RM78 for 5-6 persons.

Even though there were 6 of us, there were still some leftovers by the time we finished… are we small eaters (3 guys + 3 girls) or the portions were generous? I guess it’s the latter :P ……

tak thim trop

For Set B, there are 5 dishes + 1 dessert but you can choose how you want the dishes to be prepared. We had Kerabu Mango, Crispy Fried Kangkung, Fried Fish Fillet in 3 sauces, Chicken in Thai Paste, Seafood tomyam and the Thai dessert of tak thim trop (is this the right name?).

On most dishes, they used lots of Cili Padi (small green chilies) which were nicely camouflaged that if you’re not observant enough, the cili padi could end up inside your mouth… hehehe …we had that experience on especially the Crispy Fried Kangkung, since the dish was all green. As for the Kerabu Mango, it was just nice, not really sour.

The fish fillet tasted just like other regular “sah bee” but Chicken in Thai Paste tasted good, with some resemblance of Thai Green Curry taste and the chicken was tenderly cooked and easily chewable.

The portion for Seafood tomyam was also okay and the bowl looked as if it was filled up with lots of ingredients. The soup itself was reddish (rem the real Tomyam soup is clear one?) but quite spicy and sour, at least we did agree the soup tasted good.

Overall, RM78 for 6 persons (RM13 per pax + RM0.30 for water) is quite reasonable and does not burn hole to your pocket. It is in air-conditioned environment too so you don’t need to worry about sweating after having tomyam soup, like me :P.

One thing to watch out is we did notice a 10% service charge for the set lunch (it’s on the menu) but we were charged at nett rate instead. So it is advisable for you to check with the waiter/ owner upfront before ordering.

Btw, I was told that this restaurant was previously known as Namprik

Lemongrass Restaurant
76, Jalan Aziz Ibrahlim,
Sungai Nibong
11900 Penanfg, Malaysia
Tel: 04-641 5988


Written by PGTuaPui


  1. I've tried it before but it wasn't that tempting =P

  2. My husband and I brought our parent in laws, sister in law's family to Lemongrass last night because the nice comments above. We were 10 of us. But it was NOT a nice experience.... EVERYONE was mad at me for suggesting this restaurant. We spent total RM192.50 for the cheapest dinner set. That is NOT cheap at all. The worst part is the quality of the food. Everything was wrong!! Kerabu was too sweet, the crab meat tofu was TOO SWEET, the 3 flavor fish was too hard (maybe fried too long), the panda chicken was over cooked.... none of the dishes was right. I felt bad too during the dinner. My husband told me the road side tom yam soup tastes much better than this so called Thai food restaurant. My mother in law kept complaining how lousy the food was. I just kept quite at all time. The dinner spoiled my evening. I will NOT go back there.

  3. I am sorry for your bad experience and I get the same type of response in past few months.

    I personally go and try it last week and having the same feeling like you all.

    The quality of food is no longer there. Thinking of getting this out from our recommended list.

    Thanks for the feedback.......