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Penang Event: PC Recycle Programme

Hi Readers,

If you are like me, loving Penang, as deep as I do, or may be more or less, we need to do something to protect this lovely island. So now is time for you to recycle all your unwanted, spoilt, no longer functional computer.

In this coming weekend as info below, Dell is partnered with Penang Municipal Council, MPPP, and Sunshine Hypermarket organizing the recycling projects called PPP (Public, Private Partnership Programme). Under this event, you and me, everyone can dispose your old, spoilt or any unwanted personal computers, laptops, motherboards or anything related to computer at Sunshine Farlim Supermarket.

PC Recycle Programme
Date: 20th Jan 2008
Time: 8.00am - 10.00am
Venue: Sunshine Supermarket, Farlim.

So you might wonder why you need to carry so far to dispose the unwanted PCs? Right?

I am sure the organizer had thought about this. As a results of that, they are giving vouchers in exchange of your rubbish.. Sound more interesting? Got voucher!! For every 3kg of your unwanted items you bring to the event's venue, you are entitle to get one lucky draw voucher.

They accept any brand of old or unwanted PCs, is any brand, or brandless... Just bring it to Farlim and you get a chance to win the 1st price, a brand new desktop from DELL cost ~RM2000, 2nd and 3rd price, DELL printer; and 4th - 8th 1GB thumb drive.

“We want to provide an avenue for customers to dispose of their unwanted PCs responsibly, at convenient collection centres and at zero cost,” said Yong Kim Yoong, senior director of engineering with Dell Asia Pacific based in Penang.

But for me, this is not solely to get a chance to win the lucky draw, but there are more important reason behind. It is for the good for our home land as mention below:

More importantly, PC recycling is important to minimise e-waste in landfills and prevent water and air pollution. If landfills are not managed properly, harmful material can overflow into rivers, polluting our source of water,” explained Yong, who heads the company’s computer recycling programme. Lead (in cathode ray tubes or CRTs), cadmium (a heavy metal common in notebook batteries) and mercury (found in notebook lamps) are potentially hazardous if not properly disposed of.

So, don't sit there and wait. Go and look if there is any spoilt item or unwanted PC related item, collect it now in a box. Lets work this together to make our lovely planet, especially Penang a BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.

Don't sit there and wonder. Action now, don't wait until Saturday. And it is time to so some clean up for coming Chinese New Year.

Please... Thanks......

Further more, there will be coloring contest open for children age 7 to 12. No application fee. The organizer is giving out grand price for the winners. The contest is from 8.30am to 9.30am.

1st Price: RM150 hamper and trophy
2nd Price: RM100 hamper and trophy
3rd Price: RM 80 hamper and trophy
10 Consolation Price: RM30 hamper

Bring you sons or daughter there to join the meaningful event. See you there...

1 comment:

  1. Nice to read this blog, and I am a Penang, Planet, and Laksa lover~

    Never dump any of my e-waste, still waiting for nice timing to dump it, as most organizer base in island part only, plus most of the time I study in Cyberjaya...

    However, I love Penang!