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Festival: Chinese New Year Food 1 - Koay Kar Pek

Another week before Chinese New Year, it is the most important festival for the most of the Chinese, like me. As usual, we prepare variety of cookies, biscuits, drinks, peanuts, mandarin orange and many more.

As I am from a small town, so most of time we make our biscuits and cookies for the Chinese New Year and I would like to write about the famous CNY "MUST HAVE" biscuits. "KOAY KAR PEK".

As most of you know, it is mixture of egg, flour, and coconut milk paste, bake under the flaming charcoal using special mold. My mum, wife, sisters are expert in this, but not me. Why? No reason and that's the reason why there is no ingredient share in this post.

How to make it? Emm.. I think it is better to let the photo to tell the story.

Steps of making "Koay Kar Pek"
  1. Get the stove and flaming charcoal
  2. Heat up the special mold

  3. Pouring the paste onto the mold to cover the whole surface

  4. Put it back on the stove to get it bake.
  5. Turning around to ensure it is bake evenly for both side
  6. Bake around 3-5 minit and the it is now ready to un-mold it.
  7. Un-mold it.
  8. How? Use hand la.. :) It is very hot to use bare hand and that's the reason I didn't involve in all these. :P

  9. Folding it
  10. It is soft when it is once removed from the mold and will pass to another person to fold it into the desire shape and need to act fast. It will turn to crispy and we no longer able to fold it when it gets cold.

  11. Maintain the folding shape
  12. The folded "Koay Kar Pek" will put under the rest to ensure it maintain the shape.
  13. Keep it in the container
  14. Once the "Koay Kar Pek" is ready, we will keep it in the container to ensure it is as crispy as it is.

And we are done now and to be honest, it is not easy task to complete all. But all of us are happy on the process of making.

We chit-chat, making jokes, and it is like during our kids time. We had been long time didn't have the opportunity to chit chat like this among the family members.

That's the MOST IMPORTANT....

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