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Penang: Clay Craft Classes

Dear readers,

We had something to share with you, an activity where you and your family can make it together and learn something together. This had been very common activities at US and Europe where they promote the learning activities together between children and parents.

The activity we meant here is the clay craft art. YenJi clay craft is one of the learning center that offer the clay craft classes. You and your children can learn how to sculpture clay into life like figurines and flowers.

It did help the learner to develop their own creativity into the artwork. Both parents and children will gain experience to work on something together and share the happiness on the final artwork.

It is not only for children and parent, but the classes are open for anyone, you, or me. You won't need to worry what to buy for your love one or anyone during their birthday or any special occasion. You learn up the skills and create unique artwork for your friends anytime you want.

For more information, kindly call:
Cris Khoo: 017-467 7436
Susan: 016-416 7070
Annie: 012-494 9074


Classes available

Flyer (click for larger view)

Some examples on artwork done by the student.

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  1. Hi..Your site is really good. Well packed with loads of info of Penang. :D