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Penang Event: SP Setia Cares - Michael Wong sings for Unsung Heroes

Dear readers,

This would be the first event shared after Chinese New Year festivals. We had been outstation for the celebration. Welcome you all back after the celebration.

After the previous Sally Yeh performance at SP Setia last year, SP Setia had invited Michael Wong Guang Liang to be the main draw at the Chinese New Year charity show. He will sing for you and all of us for 45 min at the charity show.

Michael Wong sings for Unsung Heroes
Date: 15th Feb 2008
Time: 6.00pm - 10.00pm
Venue: Setia Pearl Island, Penang

According to SP Setia property division (north) general manager S. Rajoo in Penang, they are expecting 10,000 to 15,000 people attending the free show, themed SP Setia Cares. Michael Wong sings for Unsung Heroes.

“Our ‘unsung heroes’ are those who tend to the less fortunate at various homes and centres. These people choose to work at such places not to earn a living but because they have a passion to help others,” said Rajoo.

The peformances of the event including fire-eaters, magicians, clowns, a “plastic man, lion dance and dragon dance performan-ces which begin at 6.00pm.

It followed with warm-up start at 8.30pm with an 88-drum performance by the Malaysian Drum Symphony, followed by singing and dancing by The Three Sisters. There will also be a magic show and an appearance by the God of Prosperity as well as a slide show Tribute to the Unsung Heroes before Wong appears on stage.

So plese don't miss this opportunity meeting your idol.. See you there.

For more information, please call 04- 6412255 (Penang) or log on to

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