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Penang Food: ShangHai Ding House of Dumplings

ShangHai Ding House of Dumplings
Front View

Internal View 1

Internal View 2

The ShangHai Ding House of Dumplings is located next to Queensbay Mall along the shop lots. If you are coming from Putra Heights roundabout, the shop is on the right hand side corner lot which can be easily seen. What is nice to eat here? On the menu, there are house special dumplings and buns, la mian (noodles that are made by pulling using hands), assorted variety of soup and snacks.

One particular item on the menu that is rather interesting (or is it cute?) called Pockey Mouse. It’s a type of bun that has been made into shape of porcupine. Yes, you heard it right.. porcupine! Well, we were not adventurous then so we didn’t order it. But here is what we basically ordered…

First dish to arrive was the Shanghai’s Juicy Meat Dumpling. One unique thing when eating this dumpling is that you do not put the whole dumpling into the mouth like what you did with other types.

Instead, before taking a bite on the dumpling, poke a hole either using your teeth or with a small straw (I prefer first approach) to suck out the juicy gravy from the dumpling.

Dumplings and Chu Cheong Fan


Dumplings - Close shot

The chee cheong fun is not bad too, a bit better than average. But one thing for sure, you must eat together with the chili to experience the wholesome taste of spicy, sweet and salty.

Chu Cheong Fan

Next was lok bak kou, white carrot that made into cake and fried. It’s like char koay teow except you get cubes of carrot cakes instead of flat noodle.

Lok Bak Kou


The menu shown will tell you what else they have there. Overall, the price is reasonable and the environment is ambience… nice.

Menu - 1

Menu - 2

Menu - 3


  1. you didn't order the pao that looks like Porcupine?? that one very nice leh.....

    if possible, link me to your blog. thanks.

  2. dragon: i ma thinking of that.. but afraid later after order.... just dun wan to destroy it in our mouth.... so cute ler...

    will get it and snap the photo to u.....

    link me to your blog? or add ur link to my blog?

    want to be part of us? u are always welcome....

  3. great blog on the food venue and introduction...

    keep up the great work on introducing the great food in Penang.

    please keep me updated if you have any new updates.

  4. Hi there, great to stumble upon your site. I recently did a photo shoot at Shanghai should totally try the pockey mouse...if you want, you can take my picture and share it with your readers. :)

  5. Here is the link where you can see the pockey mouse:


  6. you gotta try their durian pancake. it is just so yummy

  7. emm.. ok .. let me go and try it next week and post more photo here...