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Penang Food: Banana Leaf Indian Cuisine

Banana leaf is a typical South Indian cuisine which uses banana leaf as the “plate” to put the rice and assortment of vegetables, mutton, chicken or fish curry etc. It is also served with Papadum (crispy flatbread made of lentil).

Rice is normally put in the middle, depending of amount you can consume and dishes are put around it, circling the rice. Banana leaf normally comes in a set, meaning you’ll get a rice with 4-5 dishes of mainly vegetables. But you can also choose from variety of dishes you like such as different types of curry, fried vegetables as well as the gravy desired.

One tip to remember is if you like the banana leaf served, you’ll fold the leave towards you, indicating you enjoy the food and will come again. If you fold the banana leaf outwards away from you, it means the banana leaf rice doesn’t taste good and you will not come again.


  1. i went to have it in sunway tunas. so so nia... consider ok la....

  2. they have another outlet in New World
    Park.. been there..quite like the food. ^^

  3. Sunway Tunas got Passion of Kerala, i think is different shop.
    We can only find passion of kerala in Brown Garden, Service Road ( near Burmah Square ) & New World Park.
    Correct me if I m wrong.

  4. The Brown Garden outlet has better food compared to the one near Burmah Road (behind Northam Hotel)