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Sorry for all the delay and NOW I AM BACK for more event updates........ Newly added DONATE button to colelct fund for sustaining the web

Announcement: Away for 2 weeks for my BABY

Dear readers,

I may not be able to update the Penang Event in coming week due to delivery of my baby in these few days. Sorry for any inconvenient caused.

For Penang Food, I had recently found a great site about Penang Food with all the details especially their map. Feel free to give them a visit.



  1. No problem, all the best to your baby and family.

    Best Regards,


  2. geong hee...geong hee :)
    cant wait to see your baby, got photos ah!

  3. I stumbled upon your website by chance. Very informative. Anyway, congrats on your new born baby.

  4. good good baby is coming out! lolol congratz

  5. This is one blog that provides all the on going activites in Penang...great!

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