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Penang Event: Malaysia Airline Travel Fair 2008

vDear readers,

Ever thought of going for vacation overseas but still under budget? What about wanting to get the best deals for traveling but don’t know when? Don’t wait further. Head down to PISA this weekend for Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair 2008 to get the best deals in town.

Malaysia Airline Travel Fair 2008
Date: 22th - 24th Feb 2008
Time: 10.00am-9.00pm
Venue: PISA, Penang
This fair is also held simultaneously across five other places throughout Malaysia. The travel fair will start this Friday until Sunday (22-24 Feb 2008) and promise to throw lots of goodies at attractive rates which should not be missed out. In fact, for these 3 days only, MAS assures you that you will get the best deals to everywhere!

Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair (MATF) began in 2004 with its first virtual fair in 2006. It is an annual event that rewards travelers with the most irresistible airfares and value deals as well as Golden Holidays packages to exciting destinations.

The campaign demonstrates Malaysia Airlines’ commitment towards seeking new avenues in delivering the national carrier’s brand experience to everyone. (Source: Malaysia Airlines website)

Participating exhibitors on this MATF (Penang session) include travel agencies like Lye Peng Travel & Tours, Ace Tours & Travel, Reliance Shipping & Travel, Mayflower as well as tourism bodies from Penang Development Corp, Koh Samui Tourism and Koh Samui Spa Association. (click here for full list of exhibitors )

With so many travel agencies to choose from and tourism bodies to get in dept information, why not make a trip to PISA now and you might be surprise on the great deals you may get!

See you there!!!!


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