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Penang Event: Proton BLM Pre-Launch Teaser Campaign

Hi, Readers,

I had come across the news about the Proton BLM Pre-Launch Teaser Campaign that going to hit Penang pretty soon. The event located at Queensbay Mall.

What is so special about this event?

This is not the ordinary launch event, Proton had come here with a demonstration of a stage-by-stage build up of BLM, Proton new car. It will show about the process involve in car assembly, from the frame to engine assemble, and more. They are trying to let the customer know how good the car is in term of safety and fuel saving perspective.

*photo above is plugged from

So, if you plan to buy this car or have strong interest on how a car is being assemble, please don't miss this opportunity. Come and join the event. Look it with your own eye, face to face with the car you are waiting for.

See you there.....

Showtime:10th Jan (5pm), 13th Jan (5pm), 17th Jan (8pm)
Venue: Queensbay Mall Penang

More info and photo about the car:

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