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Penang Food: Char Koay Tiao - Anson Road

'Char Koay Tiao' is the famous name among Penang folks and of course the food the visitor won't miss. But I doubt all the local folks getting frustrated or tiring when most of the friends or relatives from out station will always ask us to bring them to the 'Sister Char Koay Tiao' or the one at Lorong Selamat.

Tell you what... that stall only for the out-station folks and I bet most of the Penang local folks won't recommend the stall at all especially Lorong Selamat. But it is always nice to try. Why? At least can tell your friends you had been to the stall. But not the BEST 'Char Koay Tiao'

Now, we are going to bring you to a stall, not very famous, but served the best char koay tiao in town. Char Koay Tiao at Anson Road. And the best thing is their service is 100x better than the famous one... Proof me wrong... You will agree with me for sure... No doubts..

This stall is managed by father and son. They insist of using the charcoal instead of gas. Why? They have more control on the heat and temperature they want and the 'koay tiao' they fried taste better.

Location: Anson Road
Business Hour: 2.00pm - 10.00pm
Operating days: Monday - Saturday
Special: Using charcoal to fry and better service.

Photo taken at Anson Road

Clearer Picture using Flash (he might not like it)

Map for the location. Click to get bigger view

1 The location during Night time - Anson Road
2 The location during Afternoon time - Dunlop Road

More photos. Click to get bigger picture

Look at the flame..... Amazing....

Look at the speed of the hand while fried.....

Location at Dunlop Road


  1. i've been to both places too.. yea the service in anson road is definitely better.. the lorong selamat ones wont serve u and will have to queue up just to eat the char koay teow.. and its so expensive.. if i am not mistaken its RM6 per plate right? wahh.. 'cam thao' meh..xD
    i know a place quite nice ones also.. its day time wan le.. but quite far the place.. its location is somewhere in tanjung bungah.. =]

  2. emm.. sound interesting..... may need your help to get more details on the place and le tme know.. thanks..

  3. Hmm correct me if i'm wrong, but I thought Sisters Char Kuey Teow and the one in Lorong Selamat are two different places? The Sisters one is at Lorong Macalister, isn't it? Lorong Selamat one is still more expensive though... and very rude. Hmmphh.. I am interested to try this Anson road one now! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. haha...... corrected it.. Thanks for correct my mistake...

    the anson road one.. worth trying...

  5. hey friends in penang, i would like to share my experience eating out at sisters char koey teow...
    since i was little, my parents always bring me to this place, and i;ve seen many famouse people eating Dato Michelle Yeh, hong kong and taiwanese artists..and of course local artist too..
    i always reccomend my friends to eat CKT there...and there are two sessions , one in the morning and one in the afternoon...and obviously, people like the afternoon session than the morning one... this one is more worth trying

  6. ya lor... sister CKT is best.... but never try this never know....

    i prefer go to those not very famous one.. serve me better.. haha

  7. yea.. nonit wait for ages.. i never like the anson rd mia... but i've tried it once only.. gata tau pau mia.. maybe i'll give it another go again

    m not a big fan of CKT but one i'll take is the one in a kopi tiam next RHB bank kat Law Wah Ee hospital sana or, the one selling at the pulau tikus market at night.. the CKT style bihun goreng baniak sedap