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Sorry for all the delay and NOW I AM BACK for more event updates........ Newly added DONATE button to colelct fund for sustaining the web

Penang Event: Sudoku Challenge

Dear readers,

I think you must had notice the sudoku game located at the right sidebar. I get to know this game through my senior, Uncle Lim who is an expert level in sudoku. After some explanation and tricks that he taught me, I start to fall in love with those. Everything inside my brain is just the box and number...

If you just like me, Sudoku lover, I think is time for us to see how far and how good our skills is. You might had finished all the game i had attach on the side bar right? Is time for us to go for more challenging games.

JCI, KAM Batu Urban and PGRM jointly organize the sudoku challenge this month. So what are you waiting for? Just drop an email to the contact below or just give them a call. I am sure you will like it.

This contest is open for all range of age which categories in below 16 years old and above 16 years old. Don't wait until the end date. I will be the first one to join.

Date: 15th December 2007
Time: 1.30pm - 5.00pm
Venue: SJK(c)Keong Hoe, Sungai Dua, Penang.
Fee: RM2 per participants

Champions: RM300
1st runner-up: RM200
2nd runner-up: RM100

Category A: Below 16 years old
Category A: Above 16 years old

To register, please kindly send your name, contact no, IC, and other personal details to .

For more information, please call
Loh Zhan Hui - 016-424 7622
Terry Tay - 012-433 7963

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