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Sorry for all the delay and NOW I AM BACK for more event updates........ Newly added DONATE button to colelct fund for sustaining the web

Penang Event: Christmas Open House

Dear readers,

Every years when it about the end of year, everyone will think of holiday for sure. Christmas is around the corner and we are proud to present the Christmas Open House for all the Penang folks.

This event is organized by the Penang Churches at Esplanade Fort Cornwallis. All are welcome to join us on this event. See you there.....

Date: 16th December 2007
Time: 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Venue: Esplanade Fort Cornwallis


  1. haha.. ok.. kinda dizzy.. with two blogs.. but why are u writing blogs with penang stuff?? hmm~ i wonder..
    i am from penang too.. maybe i know u? xD

  2. this blog is purely provide informative information to ppl in Penang and as my own calendar as well.. so i wont mmiss out any event...

  3. oh really? so if i have any special events i will tell u la.. haha.. btw.. u are married? cool.. still blog.. haha.. seldom see your age wan use a blog.. =]

  4. my age.... how would u think I am? Haha... I am late 20s ... still have 1-2 years to rich 30... haha..

    Am I consider myself.. OLD?....

    There is 70s still blogging... see how powerful the blog virus....