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Penang Food: Roti Bakar @ Bayan Lepas

IF you work at Bayan Lepas area, when people talk about 'roti bakar', the first thing that you will though of will be the shop by the roadside on the way to Penang International Airport. Wonder if you notice while you passing by that area, a lot of cars park (illegal parking) by the roadside 2km before entrance to turn into airport or few hungry folks hopping across the road to get it...

What's the name of the shop? Tell you what... most of us only call it 'kedai roti bakar' or penang lang call 'peng roti', we never go and carefully look what the name of the shop is ...

Its called Joo Leong Cafe

What so special about this shop? Roti Bakar la...........

What so special about Roti Bakar? All kopitiam (coffee house) also got ma....?? What else special about the shop?

It is crunchy, crispy, tasty bread toast with butter on the top. It is sliced into small size that can easily fit into our mouth.

The other special partner for the roti bakar, half boilted egg. The half boiled egg is so nice and it is perfect match with the toast...........

We have special way to have this roti bakar, first pour some sugar on the top of the bread, and pour some pepper and soya souce on the egg, then get the bread, dip on the egg, and put into the mouth.......yum yum............... can't tell it in words....

Toast: RM0.70 each
Half boiled egg: RM0.60 each

Favourite set:
We always called that set as 'no tei no liap' (2 piece of toast, 2 half bolied eggs) plus a drink

Operating hours:
Time: 7.00 am to 11.00am daily (Monday off)

Shop Front View

Shop Internal View

Bread Preparation

Bread Cutter Machine

Bread Baker


  1. the roti is best.. but the price lagi best..... try then u will know..... but sometimes it is full house.. need to wait......

  2. my little cousins love the roti bakar and half boiled egg. imagine little kids willingly wake up early on weekends just to go for their roti bakar... definitely something special

  3. that's my favourite breakfast place... now the bread no longer 70 cents... is 80 cents now...

  4. they sell delicious seafood porridge at night from 6.00pm till 10.30pm. It is always crowded as well, MUST TRY !!!