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Penang Event: Penang Chief Minister's Cup Asian Basketball Invitation 2007

A great news for basketball lover, Penang Chief Minister's Cup Asian Basketball Invitation 2007 is going to held for the first time in Penang where total of 8 countries participated in this championship. They are China, Iran, Philippines , India, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Among the participants, China Tianjin Baksetball Team player are among the giants with average height of 1.99m (2.10m highest vs 1.85m shortest). Penang Basketball Association president Ooi Khoon Yeong said the Philippines Spring Cooking Oil Team are a professional league outfit that have won the Asian Clubs’ championship, while Indonesia’s Satria Muda Basketball Team are the country’s professional league champion. According to Ooi, the Indian national team are among the top eight in Asia while Iran look formidable.

Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia will meet at Penang as part of their preparation for December's Korat Sea Games

Date: 20th Oct 2007 - 27th Oct 2007
Venue: Han Jiang Indor Stadium

Ticket Information:
Preliminary: RM10
Semi-Final and Final: RM25
Season Pass: RM70

For more information call:
Miss Lee - 04-370 0813

Group A
October 20

Tianjin vs. Singapore
India vs. Penang

October 21
Tianjin vs. India
Penang vs. Singapore

October 23
India vs. Singapore
Tianjin vs. Penang

Group B
October 21
Iran vs. Thailand
Spring Cooking Oil vs. Satria Muda Jakarta

October 22
Spring Cooking Oil vs. Thailand
Iran vs. Satria Muda Jakarta

October 24
Iran vs. Spring Cooking Oil
Thailand vs, Satria Muda Jakarta

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